Valens is the capital city of Valendia. A large, bustling city in central Valendia, it is the center of trade and commerce for the entire country. It is also the home of the King’s castle, and as such is sometimes simply referred to as Valendia Castle City. Just outside the city are large tracts of farmland. The outer city is made up of many small villages built along the trade roads, where commoners live. The Inner City is separated from the Outer City by a tall, crenellated stone wall, which is constantly patrolled by Valendian troops. To those outside, it is considered a status symbol to live close to the wall. Within the wall, the Inner City is separated into seven districts by an extension of the perimeter wall. These districts are Residential, Industrial, Marketplace, Garrison, Guild, University, and the Castle district at the center.

Outer City

The Outer city is home to many Valendians, mostly lower and middle class commoners. However, many businesses make their homes on the trade roads, including several inns and general stores.  

The King’s Road Inn

Small inn, targeted towards traveling merchants. Includes large stable for horses and shelter for carrying carts. Several classes of rooms available.

Crow’s Food and Trade

A restaurant and general store right on the trade road. The menu is carved onto the bar. The large establishment is quite crowded most of the time, and is very noisy.   House Specials: Lambchops with Gravy, served with Red Wine – 5 silver pieces. Drink: Blue Crush  



The residential district, located on the eastern part of the city, is the home of many manors of nobles and rich merchants. Although this is officially known as the residential district, there are homes in each of the districts, though most not nearly as fancy as these. Also home to the Temple of Lucia.


Many different factories and other businesses make their homes here. Also located here is the Valendia Office of Commerce, Valens Branch, where property is bought and sold and permits are purchased to open shops. In addition, identification papers and special weapon/magic permits can be purchased there.   Money-changers, tax collectors, and banks also exist here.   There are also warehouses here for different companies’ storage.


This district is a huge street market, filled with booths selling everything from fruit and livestock to swords and armor (mostly crap). The marketplace is also home to several shops.

The Hearty Knave Inn

A three-story wooden and stone building. A sign out front bears the name of the inn and a smiling face holding a mug. This inn seems immaculately clean. The first floor has a tavern, featuring a long bar immediately opposite the door and many tables scattered throughout the room. To the left of the entrance is a lounge area, featuring several large chairs arranged around a fireplace. There’s a flight of stairs leading up to the 2nd and 3rd floors. The 2nd floor is full of normal rooms, the 3rd floor is full of suites. 1 gold per night for average room, 5 gold per night for each deluxe room, breakfast and dinner included.

House Special: Drink: The Hearty Knave, a brown, swirly mixture with a stick of cinnamon sticking out of the glass. Makes them feel mellow. Tastes sweet with an alcoholic after taste. Costs 2 silver. Food: 16 oz Steak, served with a potato and red wine. 5 silver pieces.   This inn is often quite crowded, and (regardless of the time) most of the patrons are quite drunk. The bartender, a half-orc named Edaer, often dresses in clothing fit for a lord.

Dryxie’s Spells and Scrolls

A sign in front of this shop exclaims, “Arcane Majicks, straight from the heart of Syrraco!” Owned by half-elf arcane specialist Dryxie. This shop sells all manner of magic potions, scrolls, wands, and staves, as well as the occasional odd trinket. In addition, Dryxie can perform a large variety of spells for a fee. She also provides a place for Wizards to copy and write in their spellbooks, selling all the necessary materials and renting out the desks for a small fee. Located on the main street.

Eberk’s Armaments

This is a weapon shop owned by a dwarven weaponsmith, named Eberk. He sells a variety of weapons, magical and otherwise, and crafts weapons of many different materials. He takes great pride in his dwarven-crafted goods, and takes commissions.

The Devil’s Luck, Specialty Weapon Shop

This shop is a hole in the wall off of the main street. The sign hangs at an angle over the entrance. It appears run down and in bad shape. Exotic weapons of all kinds line the walls, and are in disorganized piles all over the store. Owned by Amaera, a short Tiefling with small horns protruding from her head.

Bastion of Bargains

An armor shop located next door to Eberk’s Armaments. The sign over the door has the name of the store painted across a giant shield. The shop is owned by a human armorer named Jake Graves, a tall man with messy brown hair, brown eyes, and a collection of scars showcasing his military career.

The Second Darkest Corner Tavern

A sign out front reads, “Now under new management!” and “Try our House Special, the Dark Delight!” This tavern is only dimly lit at night, creating many shadowy corners for people to conduct shady business in. There is usually upbeat music playing, and several bar maids serving fair-quality food and drinks. The tables now have menus, and they include sketches of the foods on the menus. This bar has a reputation of being quite shady, and not a place for respectable folk.

Liladel’s Fashions and Accessories

This is a clothing store, apparently specializing in fancy dresses and noble’s attire. The owner is a half-elf woman named Liladel, who seems to compulsively clean and sweep the shop. She takes commissions. Her staff takes measurements and is constantly sewing new clothes and commissions. The store is quite large, with walls lined with outfits.

Temple of Aeneas

This temple is small and made of stone, with the symbol of Aeneas painted over the entrance. There are, notably, no doors to the temple. The inside consists of a main prayer room complete with a shrine and several pews, with an adjacent dining hall and a large room with several bedrolls laid out. Free beds and a simple meal. Donations are accepted by the temple clerics, which seem to change from day to day.

Garrison District

The Garrison District is where all the troops are housed. In addition, many troops undergo basic training here. They have a barracks area, a mess hall, a training hall, and a few buildings for weapons storage. No one is allowed into this district without proper clearance from the military.   Trials are also held here, at the High Temple of Celia.

This is also the home of the Iron Citadel.

Guild District

Various guildhalls exist here. Includes stations for:

Arcane Brotherhood

A tall tower that overshadows many of the buildings in the district contains the Valens branch of the Arcane Brotherhood, providing a haven for practitioners of the Arcane Arts.

Emerald Gauntlets

This is a large, two story building enclosed within an iron fence. Several smaller buildings, also within the fence, surround the main guildhall. A sign on the door reads “Emerald Gauntlet Guildhall, Valens Branch”. The ground floor of the main building serves as a meeting room and lounge. The top floor is for the offices. Also includes barracks, supply room/specialty shop.

Guildmaster – The guildmaster for this branch is a woman named Lillia Jaylin.

Crimson Blades

A single large building contains the warrior guild of Valens. Sign includes sigil of the guild, which is a fiery up-turned sword. Primary office is at the end of a large hallway. Also includes various training rooms and supply rooms.   There are also several other guildhalls here, including merchants and craftsmen guilds.   In addition, temples can be found dedicated to Caerdeas, Reidman, and Xilos.

Temple of Reidman

This stone temple is quite large and crowded. Inside the main prayer room, a huge painting of a Silver Dragon is emblazoned on the ceiling. There is also a great feasting hall and a library of holy books. Daily prayer services are held, and Paladins undergo mystical training within the walls and the surrounding land.

University District

Includes Arcane University, Bardic College, Fighter Academy, and many trade schools.

Valens Arcane University

This university is made up several buildings. The main one is a very tall stone tower on the edge of the district, next to the walls. It is mainly used as a headquarters for high-level Wizards, but there are also alchemical laboratories and classrooms for novice magicians. Introductory students wear brown robes. The other buildings are specialized for their focuses. Specialist Wizards often wear colored robes and a special symbol, signifying their school, while conducting business on campus.   Tuition: About 1200 gold each year, not counting books and materials.   School: Color: Symbol: Abjuration Blue Shield Conjuration Green Three-fingered claw Divination White Eye Enchantment Purple Crescent Moon Evocation Red Flame Illusion Yellow Eye within an open palm Necromancy Black Skull Transmutation Grey Four overlapping Triangles

The Normandy Academy of Martial Arts

A fighter’s college, complete with training rooms and instructors. Includes specialized courses for each weapon, as well as military tactics and fighting styles. Also provides training to Paladins and Rangers.   Tuition: About 500 gold each year, not counting armor and weapons.

The Iron Dragon Dojo

Order of Monks. Daily meditation and prayer accompanies martial training.

Temple of Avicias

This is a large, two-story stone building. The entrance is marked by an Arcane Star. The main area consists of a shrine and worship area, complete with benches. The first floor also features a coliseum-style discussion room, with people giving speeches on philosophy, morality, the Gods, and the nature of magic and of existence. The first floor also features a practice room for mages. The second story has a large library, full of books on history, philosophy, natural sciences, and many other subjects. There are also many books on magic theory and practice, and guides to develop your own spells.

Castle District

The Castle district includes Valendia Castle and the surrounding courtyard. The Parliament meets in a special building adjacent to the castle.


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