Silvertown is a developing city in southern Valendia. It was built on territory surrounding Castle Dreadbane, which was annexed from Artisith during the War of the Emperor.

As the story goes, five years ago, Captain Vincent Silver and his band of heroes overthrew a great tyrant residing in Dreadbane Castle. As a reward, the King of Valendia awarded them the use of the castle. Only Vincent made use of the old castle, and returned there several times when he was not in the middle of some service. A new town was formed with the Castle at its centerpiece, and it was named Silvertown after this hero (though most people know that it was Morgan Squared who overthrew Canis Dreadbane). The town itself is small, but rapidly growing.

As a developing city, there are many opportunities for gold and adventure, making it a perfect spot to find work.

It is currently under occupation by the forces of Silas Dreadbane.

Important Locations:

Dreadbane Castle

The castle, built near a cliff overlooking the ocean, has tall towers and high stone walls. The only visible entrance is through a large iron portcullis facing the town. It is constantly guarded by the town’s militia.

Temple of reidman

One of the only stone buildings in town, the temple of reidman is located off of the main street. Inside, the clerics can heal wounds, offer spiritual guidance, and accept donations. They lead daily prayer services to reidman, with an emphasis on compassion and humility

Silver City Inn

Large, expensive, and surprisingly elegant inn, offering the most luxurious stay an adventurer could want. Hope it’s worth the price.

The Raven’s Tavern

Small, wooden building with a sign that has black drawing of a raven.

Wand and Chant

Owned by imminent wizard, Reynald Leventhorp. Sells wands, scrolls, staffs, and random magic items.

The Prince’s Decree

A weapon and armor shop owned by an older Half-Elf, Besavel Kinnelylth. He sells all kinds of weapons, but specializes in a special, rare kind…

Mad Reggie’s

General store, selling much of the stuff in the PHB. Owned by Reggie, a Half-Orc, and his wife (also a Half-Orc). His wife, Wendy, works outside advertising. Specializes in Bear traps.

The Marketplace

Random booths. Mostly groceries and stuff.

Valendia Office of Commerce, Silvertown Branch

This is the place to buy and sell property.

City Prison

Another stone building.

The Emerald Gauntlet Guild House, Silvertown Branch

This building, near the center of the town, is very large – at least three stories tall. A sign outside of it reads, “The Emerald Gauntlet Guild House, Silvertown Branch”, and features a painting of a green armored hand. Inside, the first floor is a bar area, with a door leading to a room full of barrack-style bunks. Up the stairs on the 2nd floor is an office, where Erritch Decker’s office is located.


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