Reidman is a Greater God in the Valendia and Grania campaign settings. Reidman emphasizes humility and honor, and as such is a patron and role-model to knights and paladins all over. Reidman’s humility is such that the first letter of his name is rarely capitalized, as it seems presumptuous to assume you deserve a proper noun.

Reidman was respectfully stolen from the Grania campaign for use in the Valendia campaign, mainly due to Aaron’s desire to use his Paladin of Reidman, Arturos Knightblade, as an important NPC in Valendia. Rather than create a phony knock-off, Aaron decided to export the entire deity. To date, the original creator, Charlie, does not seem to mind. It should be noted, however, that Reidman has a different place in Valendia’s cosmology.

I’m told the name for Reidman was based on the screen name of the founder of


A blonde man with a moustache, dressed in a modern red suit. He usually carries a sheathed sword on his waist. He is usually smiling in a friendly, jovial manner. May sometimes wear sunglasses, depending on if they turned up on the flashing lights in the celestial realm.


Use violence only as a last resort. Humility makes you more bearable to be around. If the need arises, be prepared to fight in defense of yourself, your friends and family, and your homeland. Make all battles honorable. Also, Paladins should probably have moustaches.

General Information

Alignment: Lawful Good | Symbol: A silver dragon | Portfolio: Valor, Humility | Worshipers: knights, paladins, soldiers, honorable warriors, silver and gold dragons | Domains: Good, Law, War | Favored Weapon: Longsword

In the world

Reidman is one of the more prominent deities in the world, and because of this, most Paladins in Valendia are Paladins of Reidman. The King of Valendia himself, King Arturos, is a Paladin of Reidman. Reidman’s symbol, the silver dragon, is the inspiration for the Silver Dragon Knights, a group of soldiers in service both to Valendia and to Reidman.

The high church of Reidman is located in Valens, the capital city of Valendia.


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