Macrathe is a Lesser God in the Valendia Campaign Setting. Macrathe emphasizes greed and acquisition of wealth by any means necessary. To this end, followers of Macrathe will lie, cheat, steal, and even murder. He teaches that its better for a group and for an individual to try and do what is best for himself. They imagine a balance in which this sort of competition keeps everyone in check. Followers teach that a cut-throat approach to business is best for everyone involved.

Followers of Macrathe include evil rogues and merchants. These people often work to sell things at opportune times, preying on people’s insecurities or disadvantages to turn a profit. For example, a merchant of Macrathe is likely to sell a bottle of water in the desert for 100 gold pieces. Though these merchants are not honorable by a longshot, they will always try their absolute best to honor deals they’ve made, and will find a way to recompense for deals broken with them.

Temples to Macrathe are often operated like multi-level marketing schemes.


Macrathe is depicted as a villainous djinn, who constantly flips a slashed coin.


Attain wealth by any means necessary. Survival of the fittest applies in market situations. Charity is a waste of time – if they can’t earn money themselves, then it won’t matter if they eat for a day. Those who are unable to attain enough wealth to survive will surely perish. Deals must always be kept.

General Information

Alignment: Chaotic Evil | Symbol: A slashed coin | Portfolio: Greed, Money | Worshipers: Corrupt merchants, evil rogues | Domains: Trickery, Luck, Evil | Favored Weapon: Backstab (dagger)

In the world

There are very few open worshipers of Macrathe in the world. The religion is reviled amongst many in Valendia, particularly the merchant guilds of people running legitimate businesses.


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