Falazuriax is a fearsome Dragon deity. He is said to dwell on the Material Plane, where he directs millennia-long machinations. However, no clear purpose can be found in the actions of his cult, the members of which create destruction wherever they go.


Falazuriax is depicted as an Ancient Red Dragon, with devilish horns and deep crimson scales.


Burn. Destroy. Not much else is known about Falazuriax’s particular ethos, as this is the only side of the doctrine ever displayed by his cultists.

General Information

Alignment: Chaotic Evil | Symbol: Dragon head with horns spouting Flame | Portfolio: Fire, Dragons | Worshipers: Insane cultists, pyromaniacs, dragons with a destructive bent | Domains: Fire, Destruction | Favored Weapon: Two-Bladed Sword

In the World

The obscure cult of Falazuriax leaves a trail of destruction wherever they go.


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