Celtaron is a small country on the Northern Tip of the as yet unnamed Main Continent. It is bordered by Valendia to the southwest and Syrraco to the southeast. A country dominated by Elves, Celtaron is mysterious and notoriously slow to war, claiming neutrality in most wars of the realm. Celtaron is separated from the other countries by a gargantuan forest known as the Morshyr, or Shield Wood, which prevents easy access to the inner country.

As of yet, none of the parties of Valendia I or II have ventured into Celtaron, and most knowledge about the country itself comes from hearsay and rumor.

Important Cities

Eisys is the capital of Celtaron, and the seat of the Vaer Mylor Council.

Many cities of Celtaron are at first glance indistinguishable from the forest around them – one can almost walk through one without noticing them. Some are designed by more conventional methods, such as those that exist in the plains to the north.

In addition, there are several port cities located on the coast, and this is the main method of travel to Celtaron. Pelos is the name of the city most diplomats and merchants enter.

Government System

Celtaron is a Magocracy. The citizens of the country are ruled by a grand council of mages known as the Vaer Mylor Council. These 13 mages wield absolute power. When a member of the council dies, a new member is chosen based on age and magical ability.

Law and Justice

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Much of southern and central Celtaron is covered in very dense forest, suiting the Elven inhabitants just fine. To the north are rolling plains and a small range of mountains.


Celtaron trades with Valendia and Syrraco, dealing in spices and herbs as well as in silks. The High Council has forbidden the sale of elven weapons or magic items to outsiders. These manage to get smuggled out by some ship captains, selling the elven crafts for a pretty copper. These items are in high demand in Valendia.


Celtaron is nearly 60% elves. Most of them are High Elves and Gray Elves, but there are large settlements of Wood Elves and Wild Elves. A great many Gnomes also make their home in the rolling hills of Northern Celtaron, comprising another 15% of the population. Halflings also find themselves at home in Celtaron, comprising another 15%. Not many humans or dwarves settle in Celtaron.

Savage species in Celtaron include kobolds in the forests and Giants in the mountains.


Elven is pretty much a no-brainer, and Sylvan also helps you get by with the denizens of the forest.


Xilos and Avicias are the main religions of Celtaron, showing through in their foreign policy decisions. While Xilos focuses on nature and Avicias on magic, both of these deities preach neutrality in most affairs. Followers of Xilos tend to believe that nature must be left alone in order to thrive – seeing themselves as an extension of nature, they would therefore eschew petty wars and alliances. Meanwhile, followers of Avicias would see these things as a distraction from their ultimate pursuit of knowledge.

Felicia and Hikari also find niche followings in Celtaron.

National Symbols

Celtaron’s heraldry colors are green and brown, and are adorned with nature motifs and images. Arrows and Arcane Stars adorn many of their banners.


As a haven for elves, the country of Celtaron has always been neutral. It began as a loose commune of elven nations, which continuously resisted becoming embroiled in the wars of the realm during the formative years of Valendia and Syrraco. As borders were demolished and redrawn during the Era of Blood, these nations only fought to ward off would-be conquerors. Eventually, the treaties of these nations became more permanent, eventually forming a single country.

Some of the founding members of the Vaer Mylor Council are still on the council, nearly 400 years after its formation.


Lately, only small forces of Celtaron military have been seen. Small patrols travel the borders of the forest, looking out for dangerous interlopers. Whether Celtaron has an active military is a subject of debate. However, given that mastery of the longsword and longbow is an elven tradition, and that the country is ruled by the 13 most powerful mages on the continent, it is clear that if a war were to arise, Celtaron would be more than prepared to defend itself.


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