Kirtan "Muffin" Osbaston

An espionage expert and skilled warrior that fights for what he believes in, in his own way.


Age: 28 Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Aneas Gender: Male Height: 6’0 Weight: 180 Class: Rogue HP: 79 AC: 24 Touch: 18 Flat-Footed: 19 STR 14 DEX 20 _ CON 10 _(12) INT 14 (18) WIS 14 CHA 14 Fort 7 Ref 18 Will 8 Skill Ranks Balance 4, Bluff 19, Climb 2, Craft (Bowmaking) 1, Disable Device 19, Gather Information 12, Handle Animal 6, Hide 19, Knowledge (Local) 3, Listen 14, Move Silently 19, Open lock 3, Perform (Dance) 1, Profession (Shopkeeper) 1, Search 2, Sense Motive 19, Sleight of Hand 19, Spot 7, Tumble 14, Use Magic Device 19 Feats Combat Expertise, Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Handle Animal), Improved Feint, Weapon Finesse, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot Class Features Sneak Attack +8d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +5, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Improved Evasion, Opportunist, Crippling Strike


  • +22 Improbabow 2d6+4
    • Composite +1 Short bow, +3 Enhancement bonus, True Strike 2/day with incantation: “There’s no way this is going to hit!”, Trip Attack 1/day with incantation: “Your shoes are untied!”, Sonic Burst, Infinite arrows
  • +20 Sunshine 1d6+3
    • Short sword, +1 Enhancement bonus, Brilliant energy
  • +21 Wit 1d6+4
    • Rapier, +2 Enhancement bonus, Wounding
  • +20 Sting 1d4+1
    • Hand crossbow, +1 Enhancement, Poison 1d4 Dex Primary/Secondary DC14
  • +20 Dagger 1d4+3
    • Dagger, +1 Enhancement, Keen/Giantbane


  • Magnetite Armor (armor): Studded leather, +3 Enhancement bonus, Magic Eating
  • Ring of Minor Spell Storing (ring1): Stores up to 3 levels worth of spells (Cure Serious Wounds)
  • Ring of Protection +2 (ring2): +2 Deflection bonus to AC
  • Amulet of Health +2 (neck): +2 Enhancement bonus to Constitution
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4 (hands): +4 Enhancement bonus to Dexterity
  • Sunglasses (Lenses of Cognizance) (eyes): Protection from UV rays, ability to read anything, Detect Magic at will, Darkvision 1/day, See Invisibility 1/day, True Seeing 1/day
  • Boots of Striding/Springing (feet): +10ft to land speed, +5 Competence bonus to Jump checks
  • Vest of Defense (clothing): +2 Dodge bonus to AC when using Total Defense, Defensive Fighting, or Combat Expertise.
  • Cape of the Mountebank (back): Dimension Door 1/day
  • Headband of Intellect +4 (head): +4 Enhancement bonus to Intelligence
  • Stone of Good Luck (general): +1 Luck bonus to all Saves, Ability Checks, and Skill Checks

Addition Items

  • Backpack
    • Trail rations x4, vial of ink, sealing wax, soap 2lbs, Stone of Alarm (activation phrase: “Stay put”), Aleatha (Bag of Holding Type II), silk rope 50ft
  • Belt Pouch
    • Chalk, flint/steel, inkpen, signal whistle, thieves’ tools, Artisithian identification, Necklace of Fireballs, Potion of Haste, golden yellow topaz, pearls x4, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Some Magic Bead
  • Map Case
    • Sheets of paper x9, Scrolls of: Teleport x2, Identify x3, Comprehend Languages x2, Mage Armor x2, Undetectable Alignment x2, Tongues, Tenser’s Transformation, Darkvision, Bull’s Streangth, Cone of Cold, Haste, Greater Dispel Magic, Magic Vestment, Dismissal, Banishment, Greater Magic Weapon
  • Aleatha (Bag of Holding Type II)
    • Bedroll, artisan’s tools, tent, block and tackle, cloth 100ft, trail rations x9, 300sp, the Silver Dragon Cup, chair, climber’s kit, grappling hook, quarterstaff, Gloves of Some Sort (+1 Competence bonus to Dexterity-based skill checks), Gloves of the Undine (Frost Ray at will, Frost to weapon 5/day)
  • Other
    • Waterskin, flask of ale, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (12 charges)

Gently Riding dog HP 15 HD 2 AC 16 Touch 12 Flatfooted 14 STR 15 DEX 15 CON 15 INT 2 WIS 12 CHA 6 Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +1 Attack +3 Bite 1d6+3 Skills Jump +8, Listen +5, Spot +5, Survival +1 (+5 while tracking), Swim +3 Feats Alertness, Track Special Qualities Low-light vision, scent Tricks Heel (follow closely), Fetch (retrieves something, random unless specified), Stay (waits in place for my return I waited for you Frye), Stop (discontinues current action), Watch (keeps person or thing from moving), Track (seeks creature with given scent)


Osbaston (from The Meaning of Liff) n. A point made for the seventh time to somebody who insists they know exactly what you mean but clearly hasn’t the faintest idea.

Description: Kirtan is a moderately tall guy with short black hair and brown eyes. His skin is tanned from being outdoors often. He is leanly muscular, but not built. He typically wears a blue, short-sleeved shirt or a black or white, long-sleeved one, depending on the day and weather, along with either black or brown breeches. He usually has a shortbow slung on his back with a quiver of arrows beside his backpack. He keeps a short short at his side and a dagger hidden in his boot. He often wears a cloak which is black on one side and green on the other, which is reversible.

Gently is a large dog, five feet long, with a golden coat, white underbelly, and black around his muzzle and his amber eyes. Gently’s breed is naturally kind to strangers, but protective of his master.

Background: Kirtan was born to a respectable merchant and her veteran husband. His father, Jeffery Osbaston, left home shortly after Kirtan was born to serve in the military. He served (and, therefore, was not home often) for ten years. Kirtan lived and grew up in his mother’s shop in northern Valendia, and his mother took care of his education. His father returned on leave when Kirtan was four years old and brought home a dog, received as a gift during his service. He left it at the shop for his wife to take care of it while he continued with service. Kirtan grew to love the dog and learned to care for his new friend. Kirtan grew into a quiet and contemplative boy, yet strong and quick as he did work around the shop. His mother found him to be a reliable worker, and Kirtan grew to enjoy watching the habits of customers: the way some people handled fruit or talked to themselves and their friends while browsing. He learned about people’s opinions and kept up with the news of the world from the things he would overhear.

Jeffery Osbaston returned from his military service when Kirtan was ten years old, and he soon began to push Kirtan toward the military life. Kirtan was less than interested, but allowed himself to be pushed by his father. He entered the military at age 15 and ran into some of his first real problem in life.

Kirtan discovered that he hated authority.

Well, that’s not entirely the case, though it seemed like it. The truth was that he didn’t like following orders that he considered stupid or pointless. Sadly, it seemed to Kirtan that his drill sergeant was born to give orders, 60% of which were stupid, 80% of which were pointless.

Authority had never been an issue before. Kirtan’s mother was a smart, rational woman, and although Kirtan, like all children, had rebelled at some point, he quickly learned to respect his mother and her wisdom. Although Kirtan’s father had nearly stepped over the line when he pushed Kirtan to join the military, Jeffery was proud of his son and rarely felt the need to interfere with anything else that Kirtan did. And anyway, Kirtan had been somewhat looking forward to leaving home and seeing new places.

He wasn’t sure it was worth it anymore, though. He and the drill sergeant had it out for each other, and Kirtan would have come out on top more often than not if he hadn’t been outranked. Since Kirtan preferred to take the less-taxing jobs (and since the drill sergeant simply didn’t like him) he received the nickname “Muffin” officially. The drill sergeant thoroughly planted the nickname: he not only addressed Kirtan by the name and expected him to respond to it and had the rest of the troop do the same, but he also added the nickname to all relevant documents so the Kirtan’s future officers would refer to him as “Muffin” as well.

Kirtan honestly didn’t mind the name, though. In fact, it was special to him since that had been the name of his dog, who had passed away shortly after Kirtan joined the military. He still made sure to give the sergeant an appropriately dirty look when addressed by that name, though.

Despite the drill sergeant’s best efforts, Kirtan proved more than skilled enough to complete his training and move on to active duty. He was transferred from station to station fr three years, since none of the officers could force Kirtan to do what they wanted him to do. Even the officers infamous throughout the military for “breaking” people here ineffective. Finally, early in his fourth year of service, Kirtan was transferred to an espionage team whose highest-ranking officer was hard to distinguish from his men. Kirtan grew to respect the man and, with his natural quickness and inventiveness, managed to not only adapt to espionage quickly but perfected the skills and used them so effectively that he soon became the de facto leader of the group, despite his rank. The commander tried to recommend Kirtan for promotion several times, but “Muffin”’s reputation throughout the military prevented his ascension above the rank of “private”.

“Muffin” left the troop two years later, to the dismay of his fellows. Kirtan had tired of the military life and, after five years of service, left with five years’ compensation and honorable discharge.

After a few months in his hometown with his parents (who couldn’t have been prouder of him), Kirtan discovered that he’d tired of not only the military but Valendia as well.

He bid farewell to his parents and began to travel, visiting Celtaron and making a short trip into Artisith before settling down into Syrraco after two years of wandering. He developed a relationship with the natives, provided anonymous information about Artisith’s forces and their movements to Valendia (as “Informant Muffin”) when Artisith invaded Syrraco. As more and more of Syrraco was settled, Kirtan drifted toward the cities.

After about three years of living in Syrraco, Kirtan met a lady who was trying to give away a litter of puppies. He bought one and raised it, naming it Gently. Gently grew to become Kirtan’s closes friend as he wandered around Syrraco.

The War of the Emperor

During the first war, Kirtan merely passed along any relevant information he found to his contacts in the Valendian military. He avoided any direct conflict, except for the occasional bit of violence that he would happen upon or that would happen upon him. He had been considering a more effective way to combat the obvious threat of Artisith without joining the military again when a small band of adventurers requested his assistance.

Joining a pair of stern knights and a pair of flighty sorcerers (or so it seemed to Kirtan at the time), Kirtan allowed himself to be dragged into the conflict, feeling as though he was doing some real good. Along the way he won Valendia’s Silver Dragon Cup (the prize for winning a series of games designed, Kirtan supposed, for testing knights), fought dragons and devils, and uncovered great artifacts. Kirtan helped to liberate a city and several people from the oppressive hand of Artisith before helping to defeat the Emperor himself.

He made friends that he would never forget and helped to care for a child that would one day become a goddess. Rikka, who would have become an evil goddess if not, in part, for Kirtan’s care.

Kirtan "Muffin" Osbaston

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