Donovan Kent

Rebellious wizard basking in his new freedom since leaving his oppressive homeland


Class Wizard (Enchanter) Alignment Neutral Good Deity Rika Age 28 Gender Male Height 6’1 Weight 190 Eyes Brown Hair Black (bald) Skin Medium brown HP 33 AC 13 Touch 13 Flat-footed 10 STR 10 DEX 16 CON 12 INT 19 WIS 14 CHA 16 Fort 4 Ref 6 Will 8 Feats Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment), Point Blank Shot, Enlarge Spell, Precise Shot Skill Ranks (Total) Concentration 9(10), Decipher Script 9(13), Diplomacy 4(7), Knowledge (Arcana) 9(13), Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) 1(5), Knowledge (Geography) 1(5), Knowledge (Religion) 1(5), Listen 4(6), Sense Motive 4(6), Spellcraft 9(15)

Attacks +6 Dagger (throw) 1d4 +6 Ray Magic (touch) +0 Masterwork Short Sword 1d6 -1 Masterwork Alchemical Silver Bastard Sword 1d10 DC15 Reflex Wand of Burning Hands 4d4 (9 charges)

Notable Equipment Belt of Healing, Wand of Burning Hands, Silver Holy Symbol (Reidman), Silver Holy Symbol (Avicias), Spellbooks x4 (“Sunflowers”, “Midnight to Midday”, “Unforeseen Consequences Vol.I & II”), Cloak of Resistance +1, Bag of Holding Type I (“Haplo”)


Kent (from The Meaning of Liff) adj. Politely determined not to help despite a violent urge to the contrary. Kent expressions are seen on the faces of people who are good at something watching someone else who can’t do it at all.

Born to a middle-class family in Artisith, Donovan’s life up until a few years ago was that of a young but skilled constable in a large Artisithian city. Separate from the military, a constable is dedicated to an area to eliminate crime and maintain order on a more permanent basis. Although the Valendian Army never reached his city during the War of the Emperor, Donovan helped to track down several spies in his city. The tortured screams of those he helped incarcerate rang in his head for years afterward, waking him at night. The memories resonated with his secret doubts as the righteousness of Tiernoch, and the guilt began to affect his work.

Barthos Kent (Donovan’s father), also a constable, was empathic enough to realize something was wrong with his son. Donovan refused to elaborate on his problems when his father asked, but was touched at his father’s obvious concern. Barthos suggested that Donovan start a journal, putting his thoughts on paper to ease the burden on his mind.

Donovan took his father’s advice. After a week of writing down his doubts and concerns in a journal, Donovan finally began to sleep well again.

Donovan returned to his home one day to find his door open when it should have been shut tight and locked.. He crept inside cautiously, hoping to catch his burglar off-guard.

In his sitting room, however, Donovan instead found his father. Donovan revealed himself and let down his guard, hailing his father good-naturedly. When Barthos noticed his son he smiled a strange smile, and suddenly a pair of soldiers caught Donovan from both sides. Donovan struggled a moment, asked him father what was going on.

Barthos took out Donovan’s journal, reading several incriminating pasages. “Traitorous writings” he said in disgust. “I had to report you. You’re a danger to us, don’t you understand?” He glanced at the journal. “No, I don’t believe you do.”

Desperately hurt and confused, Donovan could only stand there and stare.

Then he broke and ran, surprising everyone, including himself.

As far as he recalls, he didn’t stop until he reached Valendia. He remembers waking up in a house within Valendia territory, waking to the concerned faces of strangers asking if he’s okay, does he need something to drink, to eat, to wear. Donovan’s ragged Artisithian constable uniform lay folded nearby.

Donovan accepted the hospitality of these strangers, burned his old uniform (except for his identification), and began to explore Valendia. Eventually he grew very interested in arcane magic, which was outlawed in his homeland. He began to study it, independently at first, then in a school. Showing great promise, Donovan’s instructor suggested that he put his skills to practical use.

Thus Donovan began to journey and take odd jobs here and there, practicing The Art as he went. Rejecting Tiernoch, Donovan researched other gods, but none seemed right for him except, perhaps, the God of Magic.

However, recently he learned of a new goddess, one of Hope and Redemption. Feeling a deep resonance with her, Donovan chose to support this fledgling goddess above even Avicias.

Redemption. Can it really be possible? Donovan decided he’d damn well try and find out.

10-minute Background

5 or more background/concept elements:

  • Former constable
  • Arcane interest likely stemming from total rebellion against the values of his homeland
  • Does not take on the appearance on a wizard for various reasons
  • Rejects Necromancy and Illusion, finding both controlling the dead and deception distasteful
  • Focuses on Enchantment in hopes of avoiding battle when possible (though he accepts that it’s not always possible)
  • May become irrational in the presence of Artisithian sympathizers.

2 or more goals

  • Redeem himself in his mind for what he did as an Artisithian constable
  • Get revenge on Artisith for what it’s doing to everyone (particularly for leading to his father’s deception)
  • Explore the depths of The Art

2 secrets

  • Donovan was an Artisithian citizen and still carries his identification
  • Donovan is still wanted by the Artisithian military

2 friends, 1 hostile acquaintance

  • The Frerrin family (George, Maggie, and their son Harold), who found Donovan unconscious in the wilderness and took him in, despite the Artisith uniform he was wearing.
  • Master Neimarr, Donovan’s teacher, a wizened professor of magic who usually teaches young aspiring mages the fundamentals, but who helped Donovan learn anyway.
  • Barthos Kent, Donovan’s father, whose honor is at stake while his son remains out of custody.

3 memories

  • The screams of the spies he found as they here tortured
  • The moment he realized he had been betrayed by his father
  • The day he cast his first Magic Missile

Theme songs:

“Pollyanna” by Bill Eager (general outlook)

Donovan Kent

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