Adam is a Force Golem, a construct with magical abilities. He appears to be made of metal that has warped due to powerful impact. He has eyes that glow red in the darkness. Years of inactivity have left him covered in a thick layer of dust.


Adam was found in a room of an abandoned Temple of Avicias in Northern Artisith. He is a sentient construct, though it appears he functions on several commands left to him by his creators. He attempted to keep the party from removing property from the Temple. Rather than fight the powerful golem, the party managed to trick him, as Donovan kicked the important book all the way to the exit, thereby preventing the golem for attacking him for picking it up.

He also mistook Portia for the Captain of the Guard, and followed them around. As they poised to leave, he urged Portia to tell the Overseer of the temple to come back. With that, the party left, leaving him once again alone in the dark temple.


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