Barik Sharsek

Barik Sharsek is an old, muscular man. He is bald, with a steady gaze and piercing blue eyes. He normally dresses in blacksmith attire, including leather slacks, heavy boots, and a brown apron. He holds a heavy hammer.


Barik Sharsek is a retired General of the Valendian army. He is still intensely loyalty to the crown. He owns a blacksmith shop in Kentgrove, where he lives with his wife.

As Kentgrove was the first town the party could reach after Silvertown, Portia pleaded with Barik Sharsek to aid her in relaying news of the loss of Silvertown to Silas Dreadbane’s forces. He complied, and loaned the party several horses and a wagon, outfitted with supplies for the journey. He has, however, requested that the party return his horses to him, as they are quite valuable.

Zombies attacked shortly after this agreement was made, and Barik busied himself protecting the village from the zombies, and escorting them to an underground wine cellar, where were able to barricade themselves. [[Syrrian]] joined Barik in this pursuit, saving many villagers in the process.

His son, Captain Caleb Sharsek, is a Captain in the Valendian Army and played a role in the Valendia I campaign.

Barik Sharsek

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