Tamera Ravenguard

A beautiful performer and stand-up comedian, with a dark past.


Tamera is a lovely woman with elfin features, a shapely body, and vibrant black hair. She dresses in fine chainmail and carries a rapier at her side. She also carries a beautiful lute, which she plays in battle. When angered, she runs her rapier down across her palm, covering it with her blood and instilling it with baleful energy.

Tamera was encountered by the party deep in an abandoned Goldmine, where she was held captive by the hobgoblins who lived there. They were led to her prison cell by her melodious singing, which echoed through the caves. Once freed, Tamera gathered her belongings and prepared to leave. However, upon meeting Donovan, she seemed immediately infatuated, and decided to accompany them for the time being.

Tamera is a self-described stand-up comedian. She keeps the party entertained with her jokes. However, her recent experiences with death and violence have turned her sense of humor somewhat dry, and she has turned to dark comedy. In addition to her other talents, she is good at picking locks. When questioned about these talents, she remarked that she had a somewhat turbulent youth.

She provides healing and buffs for the party through her songs and magic.

Tamera Ravenguard

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