Erritch Decker

Erritch is a tall, lanky man with scruffy blonde hair and a beard. He wears his green-tinted breastplate armor and an emerald ring, signifying his high rank in the Emerald Gauntlet. A greatsword is strapped to his back.


Erritch Decker is the Guildmaster for the Silvertown Branch of the Emerald Gauntlets, a mercenary guild that grants many benefits for its members. As Guildmaster, he handles many of the assignments for jobs that come from the main headquarters in Valens. Though he must be skilled to have risen through the ranks at such a young age, he spends most of his time rifling through paperwork – applications, missions, reports, inventory sheets.

He seems absent-minded in person, and hardly ever looks up from his large desk.

Erritch Decker

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