Besavel Kinnelylth

Besavel is a relatively short and scrawny half-elf. He dresses in a simple tan tunic and some slacks. He has distinctly elven ears, long brown hair, and large green eyes,


Besavel is a half-elf shopkeeper residing in Silvertown. He is friendly and respectful to his customers, and has a reputation for honesty and fair prices.

He owns a shop known as The Prince’s Decree on main street, where he sells all manner of weapons. In addition, he buys and sells certain items known as The Prince’s Decree – a series of magic items commissioned by Aleron Lothar, the last prince of Valendia before Arturos Knightblade took over, before his untimely death on the battlefield.

From Besavel himself:

“Before the end of the last king’s reign, Prince Aleron Lothar commissioned a series of special weapons and armor. They are all of varying power levels, of course…each time the Prince needed a special need met either in battle or out, he had a piece of armor or a weapon created. After the prince’s death in battle, these items were buried with him in his tomb. But a few years after his death, they started showing up in marketplaces throughout the continent… These are all exceedingly rare, nowadays…I would be willing to pay a bundle for them. Of course, I’d also sell them to someone I thought worthy enough…or if the price was good. All of them are clearly defined with the prince’s initials and royal insignia.”

Besavel Kinnelylth

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