Omar Erathis

Omar is a tall, dark-skinned man with a black goatee and neatly trimmed hair. He wears light armor, holds a crossbow in his hand and a shortsword at his belt, and smiles as he smokes his pipe.


Omar is the leader of a band of thieves based around Northern Artisith, where they take advantage of the recent lack of patrols in that region to rob those who pass by.

Hearing about the party’s quest for powerful artifacts within the ruins, Omar decided not to rob them, but instead to accompany them – indeed, show them the way to – the ruins, in exchange for a share of the loot. The party agreed.

However, after obtaining the book and leaving the Temple of Avicias, they found that Omar had secretly conspired with his men to set up an ambush. A battle ensued. Many of Omar’s men were killed, as well as very nearly Omar himself. He begged for his life, and Portia, the knight, agreed to spare his life if he became a farmer. Omar sobbingly agreed.

He has not been spotted since.

Omar Erathis

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