Donall Black

Donall Black is heavy-set, with a long black beard and a receding hairline of black hair. He dresses in old, worn-out noble's clothing, and wears worn brown boots.


At the start of the campaign, Donall Black hired the characters to be his escorts to Silvertown. He was pursuing his dream of opening a shop in Silvertown, rather than just a caravan, and was looking forward to settling down.

This plan was abruptly shattered when Silvertown was taken over by Silas Dreadbane. They encountered Donall Black at Kentgrove, where he had apparently escaped to with his former booth (though it seemed slightly singed in places). He described the attack on the town, though he escaped at the earliest opportunity.

As an amateur wizard, he is deeply impressed with new and interesting magic items. He buys and sells magic items, and also sells many other items which may be illegal, depending on the region.

Possesses a necklace full of pearls left to him by his grandmother, which he occasionally uses as a spell component to identify magic items.

Donall Black

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