Lissa Drakreth

Lissa is medium-height, with shoulder-length red hair and dark brown eyes. She normally wears full plate armor bearing the Scales of Celia, and wields a Halberd, favored weapon of Celia.


Lissa was first encountered by the party outside of the guildhouse of the Emerald Gauntlets. She was passing out fliers, one of several menial tasks she was assigned to in order to secure membership in the guild. However, she never heard back from Erritch Decker, the guildmaster of the Silvertown branch of the Emerald Gauntlets. After the party successfully joined and were given a mission, Lissa resolved to follow them in an attempt to prove herself worthy to join.

She later confided to Syrrian that the reason she wanted to join the Emerald Gauntlets was because her church suspected them culpable for the murders of the town guard – the murders started about the same time the Emerald Gauntlets opened their branch in Silvertown. However, given the recent change in regime in Silvertown, she suspects that the Emerald Gauntlets weren’t to blame, after all.

Lissa is an accomplished cleric of Celia, the goddess of Law and Tradition. She has been vested with the authority to enforce the laws of her country and her God by the High Courts of Valendia, and vested with the abilities to do so by The Fair Judge herself.

Her hometown is Kentgrove. Several of her friends were killed when Zamx the Goblin attacked Kentgrove with his army of undead.

Accomplishments: Executed Zamx the Goblin for 21 counts of murder and flagrant abuse of necromantic powers, including 1) creating zombies and skeletons of sentient species, 2) harvesting organs for the use of spell components, and 3) killing a creature for the sole purpose of reanimating it. Penalty was death by beheading.

Lissa Drakreth

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