Sarrieth Dreadbane

A woman of medium height with black hair tied up in a bun, garbed in noble finery, usually including ornate dresses, expensive jewelry, and long gloves.


Deceased. For good, this time.

She owned a castle in central Valendia. Using her servants as messengers, she invited the party to this castle in order to hire them for a job – to clear out a band of hobgoblins that had taken residence in an abandoned goldmine. She said that she would like to start mining it again in hopes that it would turn a profit, but the hobgoblins make it impossible. In exchange for this service, she offered them 10,000 gold to split amongst the party, and also offered to send a letter to Valendia Castle to inform the king of the incidents in Silvertown.

This turned out to to be a trick: Upon returning, the party was given a chest with only a few coppers in it. After opening it, and questioning her motives, she attacked, revealing that she and her servants were vampires. The party defeated her and destroyed her body and her coffin.

Sister of Silas Dreadbane, daughter of Canis Dreadbane.

Sarrieth Dreadbane

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