Silas Dreadbane

A tall man with pale skin and short black hair, who usually dresses in black noble's clothing, complete with gloves and cape.


The party was assigned to a mission to retrieve a large book from a temple in Artisith by this man, though he went by the name “Kenton” at the time. The party left Silvertown to accomplish this goal. Shortly after delivering the book, and receiving their promised reward, the party went to slay a wyvern in another town. When they got back, they found that Silvertown had been taken over, and the guards outside the gate informed them that it was now the property of Silas Dreadbane and the Dreadbane family.

Silas Dreadbane apparently has a personal force of soldiers, enough to take over and fortify a relatively small town and his ancestral castle, at least.

Brother of Sarrieth Dreadbane, son of Canis Dreadbane.

Silas Dreadbane

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