• Adam


    Adam is a Force Golem, a construct with magical abilities. He appears to be made of metal that has warped due to powerful impact. He has eyes that glow red in the darkness. Years of inactivity have left him covered in a thick layer of dust.
  • Akiro


    Akiro is a stout warrior with black hair tied in a long ponytail. He dresses in exotic red armor and wields a flaming katana.
  • Alazlam


    The King's Librarian and powerful Wizard.
  • Barik Sharsek

    Barik Sharsek

    Barik Sharsek is an old, muscular man. He is bald, with a steady gaze and piercing blue eyes. He normally dresses in blacksmith attire, including leather slacks, heavy boots, and a brown apron. He holds a heavy hammer.
  • Besavel Kinnelylth

    Besavel Kinnelylth

    Besavel is a relatively short and scrawny half-elf. He dresses in a simple tan tunic and some slacks. He has distinctly elven ears, long brown hair, and large green eyes,
  • Donall Black

    Donall Black

    Donall Black is heavy-set, with a long black beard and a receding hairline of black hair. He dresses in old, worn-out noble's clothing, and wears worn brown boots.
  • Elbert Payne

    Elbert Payne

    Military commander turned outlaw
  • Erritch Decker

    Erritch Decker

    Erritch is a tall, lanky man with scruffy blonde hair and a beard. He wears his green-tinted breastplate armor and an emerald ring, signifying his high rank in the Emerald Gauntlet. A greatsword is strapped to his back.
  • Lissa Drakreth

    Lissa Drakreth

    Lissa is medium-height, with shoulder-length red hair and dark brown eyes. She normally wears full plate armor bearing the Scales of Celia, and wields a Halberd, favored weapon of Celia.
  • Mad Reggie

    Mad Reggie

    Reggie is a heavily muscled, aging Half-Orc who dresses in a sleeveless tunic and some slacks. He sometimes wears very small glasses, as his vision is waning in his old age. He is still quite full of energy.
  • Omar Erathis

    Omar Erathis

    Omar is a tall, dark-skinned man with a black goatee and neatly trimmed hair. He wears light armor, holds a crossbow in his hand and a shortsword at his belt, and smiles as he smokes his pipe.
  • Sarrieth Dreadbane

    Sarrieth Dreadbane

    A woman of medium height with black hair tied up in a bun, garbed in noble finery, usually including ornate dresses, expensive jewelry, and long gloves.
  • Silas Dreadbane

    Silas Dreadbane

    A tall man with pale skin and short black hair, who usually dresses in black noble's clothing, complete with gloves and cape.
  • Susannah


    Sorceress fighting for the Scales of Lotanakos.
  • Tamera Ravenguard

    Tamera Ravenguard

    A beautiful performer and stand-up comedian, with a dark past.
  • Zachariah


    Zachariah is a portly man dressed in once-fine noble's clothes that have worn with time. His hair is graying, and he wears spectacles.
  • Zacuren


    Mysterious but friendly assassin with a giant sword