Some Catching Up

The party took care of some business in town, but Portia never made it to Elbert’s trial. At a bar, she met a former Cleric of Odon who had worked as a guard for the courts of Celia. His name was Meric Bowman. As Portia shared a drink with him, he shared his desire to fight for his own cause, and not for the cause of any deity. She offered to let him serve her, and introduced herself as the Second Liberator of Silvertown. Meric agreed to accompany her on her journey, as he could provide valuable healing and knowledge of the law and politics.

Tamera Ravengard enlisted the party’s help to fight their way out of the city after she was attacked. After fighting off two separate groups of assassins, Donovan used a recently purchased Teleportation scroll to escape to the Goldmine of Sarrieth Dreadbane, at Tamera’s request. Once there, she revealed that her family was descended from a long line of assassins in service to a mysterious deity – the Goddess known as Sidhe. Her family, the Ravengards, as well as several others, trained their children from a young age to be assassins. Using a powerful artifact known as the Eye of Sidhe, the family would spy upon members of the nobility and decide their fate. If the noble failed to measure up to their exacting standards, the family would send their “Sin Spectres” to dispose of them. The Eye allowed them to carry out the assassination flawlessly and efficiently, leaving no witnesses.

Tamera worked as an assassin for her family for most of her life, but questioned the morality of these actions. When she left, she took the powerful Eye of Sidhe with her, and hid it in some ruins deep within the Goldmine. It was there she was imprisoned by the hobgoblins, until the party broke her out. She instructed Donovan to teleport them there, as she no longer felt the Eye was safe in the mine.

Inside the goldmine, another party was already on the verge of discovering the ruins. A black-bearded man in heavy armor, wearing the holy symbol of Macrathe blocked their entry, claiming that he possessed the rights to the Goldmine. His associates included a half-orc with an axe, a freckled half-elf, and a quiet bald archer. The cleric offered to sell them the right to explore there. The party declined his exorbitant price and combat began. As it became clear the cleric and his associates were no match for the party, he began to lower his price. However, the tenets of his religion prevented him from giving it away for free, even if it eventually cost his life. Once his allies were defeated, the archer surrendered, and asked if he could take his wife (the half-elf) and leave. The party graciously agreed.

Upon looting the body of the cleric, they found a bag of holding. Inside was a large amount of gold and a deed to a property in the guildhall district of Valens.

Tamera instructed the party move the throne, belonging to the chief of the hobgoblins, aside. Beneath it were some dusty, narrow stairs, which the party followed deep into the ground, into darkness. They eventually came to a point where the walls seemed less rocky and more sculpted. Here, they found a large stone door. Two people were needed to turn the levers to open it. It moved, and the party found themselves in a dark hallway.

Tamera quickly moved to a spot next to the wall, where she picked up a small leather bag. However, she was shocked to find it empty! The Eye was gone. Tamera had a small breakdown, and the party resolved to press onward. They arrived at a point where their magic briefly stopped working – a point where the magical fabric that enveloped the world was damaged and frayed. They lit a torch and continued on. They came to a fork, and then to a door. A giant stone golem guarded the passage. While their weapons were ineffective, Ari and Augustus took some rope and tripped the golem, which crashed to the ground. Due to its stiff body, the golem was unable to stand.

The party came to another large door. Upon opening and stepping through it, their weapons regained their glow, and Donovan again felt his arcane power at his fingertips. They found themselves in a gigantic open room, with a stone path that floated hundreds of feet above the ground. The entire cavern was aglow – magical energy gathered around the outline of a gigantic many-armed skeleton in the floor below. The party followed the path to another large iron door.

On the other side, standing upon a raised platforms, was a 12 foot tall monstrous skeleton. It was vaguely humanoid in shape, but had seven arms, each holding a different weapon. In one of its clawed hands, it held the Eye of Sidhe. He grinned at the stunned party.

“I thank you for your offering, human! With this divine item, I can return to the realm of the living!”

“What are you?” Portia demanded.

“A God whose time had passed…until now.”

“What is your name?” She demanded of him

She received only a battle cry in reply.

Meanwhile, by Augustus’ side, the golden sword known as Queen’s Guard began to glow. Astounded, he pulled it from its sheathe – its powers had previously been undecipherable. Now a feminine voice said evenly, “You who would fight against the darkness, YOU ARE WORTHY!”. The sword glowed with a golden light, illuminating the entire room.

The creature grimaced at the brightness, but sneered. “How adorable, you’ve brought me another tool of the Gods. I shall use these to become more powerful than ever!”

An epic battle ensued. Augustus charged headlong into the fray, dodging the worst of the creature’s flurry of attacks, and knocking the creature back with the force of his mighty smite. Donovan pelted the undead deity with spells, but was discouraged by its spell resistance. Ari and Portia moved to flank. Augustus was nearly put out of commission by the skeleton’s counterattack, but a healing spell from Meric sent him back into the fray. The battle raged for a short time longer before the Augustus layed another mighty smite on the beast, ending the fight.

The skeletal figure collapsed on the ground and began to melt, losing cohesion. It dropped its weapons and the Eye, which rolled to the wall, and grabbed at his throat.

“Now will you tell us your name?” Portia said, watching as the god died.

“I…I don’t remember…” the God said somberly, and fell into pieces.

“Good riddance to such evil.” Augustus said, and sheathed the Queen’s Guard, whose glow had dimmed but hadn’t disappeared.

Each of the deity’s weapons carried a bonus. Tamera collected the Eye of Sidhe – a large sphere that resembled a great yellow eye – and put it back in the bag, shuddering at its touch. “Who knew this thing had such great power – to resurrect a God.”

The party walked back in silence – the vast cavern was now dimmed, and contained only the beast’s ancient bones. At the exit to the cavern, they were stopped by an invisible wall – shortly thereafter, a man with a pointy black goatee and a blue robe appeared in front of them. He was the same man who had taken the magical book back in Silvertown. He cleared his throat and held out his hand, “The Eye, please. You mortals can’t be trusted with something so powerful.” After some debate, Donovan agreed to relinquish it in return for a favor at a later date. The man’s eyes twinkled. “Interesting…I accept.” However, after grasping the eye, there was a great eruption of electricity, and the man gasped in pain and dropped the eye to the ground. “That’s odd. Alright, you can keep it for now. I must do more research…” With that, the man disappeared.

They camped outside the goldmine, and contemplated what their next move should be.



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