Silvertown Liberated

Quick Recap: After retrieving the Crown of the Aeon King and defeating a Green Dragon, the group returned to the Emerald Gauntlet Guild, where they regained their membership. As they walked through town later that day, a large man in a brown cloak confronted them and told them to follow him, by Order of the King.

The man brought them back to the Emerald Gauntlet Guildhall, and in one of the siderooms they met up with King Arturos and his Head Librarian, Alazlam. The king smiled and said, “So, how you’d like to liberate a city?” The man revealed himself as Vincent Silver, the famous Knight and Hero of The Battle of Tyras. With that, they outlined a plan, though not before the King asked some pointed questions about the trustworthiness of Tamera, the Bard. The adventurers, accompanied by Vincent, would use the Teleportation Circles in each of the Emerald Gauntlet Guildhalls to travel to Silvertown and attack it from the inside. A small force of soldiers stationed in Southern Valendia would attack at the same time, hopefully providing a distraction so that the party could take out Silas Dradbane. After freaking out Portia a little bit with ideas about teleportation magic, they were transported to the city by Alazlam.

They arrived in a similar room to the one they had just left in the basement of the Guildhall. Upstairs, they met a group of Emerald Gauntlet adventurers, most of which were getting drunk. They agreed to help in the battle if it appears to be going in Valendia’s favor, but they would not risk their lives for a lost cause. Outside the guildhall were the city gates, which, to the party’s surprise, were opened. Several dead soldiers were lying around, some apparently killed by arrow wounds an others with a massive sword. In addition, the sign that said, “Welcome to Silvertown” had been chopped in half. A new sign made of wood ripped off of the nearby Inn read, “IT’S CASTLE OCEANVIEW DUMASSES”.

The party made their way through the town, fighting off several groups of Dreadbane soldiers. As they were fighting off one of the groups, another group appeared. This one was led by a giant of a man in leather armor, who wielded a large Greataxe. This man transformed before their eyes into an even bigger, monstrous wolf-like creature, still wearing his armor and wielding the Axe. Vincent Silver stepped in, saying that he’d fight the creature while everyone else fought off the Knights. As the rest of the group made short work of the remaining soldiers, Vincent was locked in mortal combat with the werewolf. Finally, the creature grabbed him and took a large bite out of Vincent. Vincent was unable to get free, and was bitten again. Donovan finally blasted a smoking hole through the creature with Scorching Ray, putting it down for good and freeing Vincent. Vincent, severely injured and bleeding profusely from several wolf bites, was left gasping for breath and told the others to go on without him. They soon arrived at the Castle Gate, where once again the gates had been opened. These, however, appeared to have been smashed down with a large sword. They entered the castle courtyard. Portia kicked open the doors to the main castle, and began to storm forward. They went up the stairs to the Master Bedroom, where moving aside a large portrait revealed a hidden door. They followed this door down stairs and through an illusory wall…right into the Throne room, where Silas Dreadbane was overlooking the book they had retrieved for him with a man in a black cloak. Dreadbane’s two guards gave a shout, and the battle began.

Silas, wearing black spiked armor and carrying a wickedly curved scythe scowled and yelled, “How did you get in here?!” Garek responded by charging at the cloaked figure, clobbering it with his greatsword. One of Dreadbane’s Guards pursued Garek, while Ari elected to fight the other one on one. Portia moved to confront Silas herself, while Donovan stayed back and casted support and attack magic. Tamera began to sing and attacked with her shortbow. The mage that was previously decimated by Garek stepped back and casted a spell of exhaustion on him, which was quickly dispelled by Donovan. Garek then made short work of the mage. Meanwhile, Silas tripped Portia before whaling on her with his Scythe, dealing tons of damage and grievously wounding her. Ari dispatched her opponent and rushed to help. Garek, seriously wounded from the attacks of Dreadbane’s guards and his previous battles, jumped on top of the altar where the book was and charging jump-attacked Dreadbane, staggering him with the force of the blow. After recovering, Dreadbane quickly retaliated, smiting Garek with his scythe and ending Garek’s life.

Before long, the group converged on Dreadbane and finished him off. Before they could grieve for their fallen friend, a tall man dressed in a dark blue robe appeared. He had a long, crooked nose, disheveled tendrils of black hair, and several stones floating above his head. He walked forward and took the book, dusting it off slightly. “I’ll take that.” He looked over the party and said, “Well, bye.” Donovan asked where he was going with the book. The man wrinkled his nose. “What do you care? You’ve been nothing but irresponsible with it. You’re the ones who handed it over in the first place!” Donovan conceded the point. “Now,” the man said, “if you’ll excuse me, I have places to go. If you’re ever in Cesalene, maybe you can drop by for a visit. Anyway, bye!” With that, the man disappeared in a puff of (smoke). A stunned silence descended on the confused adventurers. It was broken at the same time the doors to the throne room were, as a red-haired woman wielding a greatsword kicked the doors down and entered with a battle cry on her lips. Surveying the dead tyrant, she said, “Oh, I guess you guys took care of it. All right, then, I’m off.” Portia ran after her to question the warrior, but the only reply she got was “I don’t talk to knights”. Portia tried to keep up with her, but the warrior was at least twice her speed. As she left, the warrior yelled, “You should really lose some weight!”

Over the next few days, order was restored to Silvertown. The merchants and people that fled the city returned, and the town was rebuilt. A memorial service was held for the soldiers who fell during the battle, including Garek, who was buried in the town cemetary with his greatsword (just one of his many trusty weapons). The city was successfully liberated, though the victory was bittersweet. A friend has fallen. Vincent Silver, the town’s namesake, is nowhere to be found. And there are murmurs in the town about how King Arturos has overstepped his power…



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